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Do you have an E-commerce website and you're not getting sales.

Here are the strategies to use for your business

I. Create an Awareness on social media like Facebook business page to grow your community and promote your offers

2. Create a sales funnel setup which includes Campaign, Landing page design, Squeeze page

3. Setting up a well converting Facebook and Instagram Ads for the sales funnel Design all Audience who might take action and develop interest in your business.

If I may Ask, Did you have any target Audience or worldwide?

The next time you hear someone say that the market is oversaturated , inform them that the bottom line is … it’s NOT! There’s actually a demand for use of more smaller business products, services and brands Truth is most entrepreneurs simply won’t put in the time, energy or even sacrifice the way they will live for their business and life and that’s the challenge. Set YOURSELF aside from the rest and let’s GET IT!

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