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Let's Talk Business Part 2

Building A Successful Brand

The start to building a successful brand is to set a clear-cut brand vision and set of goals and intentions, which ought to be aimed at the following criteria for a successful brand and defining your voice!


1. Distinction

Your brand has to be different, if you provide the same value at the same price why would a consumer select you over your established rival? Your brand has to clearly convey this. You brand should make the consumer feel something.

2. Added Value

Your brand has to add extra value to the buyer. ‘Me too’ products are all right as part of an extended product portfolio, however if your consumers are to spend money with you, they require added value and this ought to extend right through to the entire product level.

3. Quality

If your brand and products are of inferior quality, you are able to forget brand allegiance. Regrettably there are a number of rivals waiting to take your market share, and brand allegiance is becoming less common as rivals utilize all sorts of tricks to win over consumers; don’t let poor quality be a reason for lost business.

4. Structured communications

With markets getting saturated, being memorable for the correct reasons is central to any brand’s success. Your promotional/marketing technique has to be tight, sending one marketing e-mail a month isn’t adequate; you need an intermingled, ‘through the line' communications technique which keeps the momentum of your brand. Depending on your customer base it may be wise to consider audience segmentation.

5. Direction and support

Individuals are the key to your business and internal marketing ought to be a top precedence for any marketing manager. You are able to spend 10’s of thousands on your brand all to be forgotten when a consumer pops up and your people haven’t heard of the deal or offer! Invest time and cash in internal marketing and ensure you've a strong set of brand guidelines to support your people.

6. Origination

Innovation is more than simply a thought; it's about innovating products, procedures, structure and your brand! The consumer needs are always shifting and your brand must respond to this; the product life cycle is a denotation that it won’t sell forever, so keep your brand running.

I think there's one key point missing here and that’s producing an emotional connection with your audience/consumers.

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