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Life Mistakes, Personal Experience and Strategies PART 1 Viper

Most of us are guilty of attempting to undertake our goals utilizing a series of trial and error approaches. By doing that we arbitrarily throw our energy out there with all our might with only a handful of so-called information that we “GOOGLED” Believing that this will get us to our destination. When handling our goals with a hit-or-miss approach, and then hope that everything will turn for the better is ultimately reckless. Trial and Error means nothing if you are not working towards a goal. And working towards a goal will be fruitless without a plan. Have you tried the VIPER METHOD? V-I-P-E-R is a 5-step model, which lists the five crucial steps for successful goal accomplishment. These five steps are: • Visualize: Truly visualize the goal • Implement: Implement techniques to succeed in the goal • Planning: distinguish plan factors based on the techniques • Execution: Get moving on the plan and goal • Recap: evaluate the outcome and future steps With VIPER, you’ll discover that it gives you the insight and motivation to do what appeared to be the most difficult goals in the past. Goals you never believed doable will begin coming within your reach, and in a matter of time, subdued. I personally utilize this framework to accomplish my long- term goals and it's worked thus far with achieving my goals.

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