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The weekend is a great time to create content for the week ahead!

We challenge you to create 5 pieces content for the upcoming week! GO!

Creating content for your business can be a daunting task for many entrepreneurs. However, if you break the process down into smaller, manageable steps, it can make it much less stressful. Start by focusing on what you want to communicate with your content and then think about how you can best deliver that message. Researching the topics you want to cover and planning out the structure of your content in advance will also help you get organized and stay focused. Finally, don't forget to proofread your content before you publish it - having a fresh set of eyes review your work can help you catch mistakes and typos that you may have missed.

1. Strategy

Your strategy is one if the most important thing in marketing. It’s your road map to sales and conversions, so it something you want to put time into.


Many entrepreneurs struggle with this and yes it seems like a lot but it’s worth it. One of the main challenges is creating ENOUGH content, right? Well… plan it out, take a day and do just that. If you have your Strategy completed then you will have a great idea on what type of content to post and how long it should be.

3. Consistency

As a business owner I understand it is challenging to stay consistent in all areas of your business and consistent marketing is key. Whether if it’s paid advertising or not consistency is integral to you ROI.

4. Collaborating/Networking

As you may now know that collaboration brings, not only great ideas, but it brings new business opportunities if done correctly and fairly. Reaching out to a small business that complements yours could bring forth a partnership.

5. Audience

Know your audience… Take the time to track and measure your sales and engagement online and offline. This will help you create a better strategy in the future.

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