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What is Marketing?

What is Marketing?

Well..... in a nutshell! Marketing the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. In order to run a successful marketing campaign or create a viable strategy you must have a clear understanding of what your overall audience is and that starts with research. For example, let's take “Better Made” (Better Made Potato Chips). They started as just a potato chip company who wanted to simply provide the best quality chip and now they have expanded to other things like popcorn and cheese puffs. However they wouldn’t have been able to expand to these markets without having the proper research on their consumer. Things like how old they are, the cities they live in, race and annual income tell us a lot about how the consumer thinks , therefore how they purchase products. So before you get started how well do you really know your audience? Let’s dig in and gain some deeper insight to your product with the 4 p’s of marketing. Which is

Product- What is it and is it branded to your audience

Price- How much and does you audience normally purchase at the price you have

Promotion- What is your message when speaking to them on & offline ? Does it have a call to action?

Place- Are you placing your product or service where it is needed or commonly used?

You may hear some people also talk about the 4 c’s of marketing and I will speak more about that in the near future if you would like to hear more about it. Drop a comment and let us know.

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